L’héritage du blocage du Canal de Suez : beaucoup de rêves et un peu de droit

The image of the giant cargo ship Ever Given embedded across the Suez Canal, where 75% of trade between Europe and Asia passes, has circled the globe. Case law on the responsibilities of each person during these half-land, half-maritime passages could evolve following the incident.

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Canal de Suez les premières estimations du sinistre de l’Ever Given

A week after the container ship Ever Given was refloated and the Suez Canal unblocked, traffic has barely returned to normal. In addition to the impact on maritime traffic, this incident poses a number of insurance issues in terms of both property and casualty policies.

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Un dossier d’assurance hors norme

Given the size of the “Ever Given” container ship and the hundreds of delayed freighters, insurance experts expect a plethora of claims for property damage or financial loss related to the delays.

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Eyssautier-Verlingue une même marque pour l’un des premiers courtiers maritime-transport

Based in Quimper (Finistère), insurance broker Verlingue bought Eyssautier in 2019. They are now a common brand under the name Eyssautier-Verlingue. Objectives for Verlingue: to develop internationally and strengthen its expertise in specialties.

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Témoignage : « Il va falloir réfléchir à une évolution de la notion même d’assurance »

These are tumultuous times for insurers in the transportation sector. Compensation for operating losses has been a big topic. Did marine insurance handle the moment well?

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Crise sanitaire, les décideurs maritime s’expriment

“Maritime companies are a major vector of economic recovery, of French projection on all the seas of the world and on all the continents”.

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La place de Paris reprend du poil de la bête

Mathieu Berrurier chairs Groupe Eyssautier and Ucamat (union of French maritime and transport insurance brokers). At the head of one of the leading transport insurance brokers in France, member of Armateurs de France, he details his vision after the takeover of his company by Verlingue.

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Verlingue acquires marine insurance broker Groupe Eyssautier

French insurance consultancy Verlingue, part of the Adélaïde Group, has annouced the acquisition of marine insurance broker Groupe Eyssautier bolstering both its marine and transport expertise.

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Verlingue acquiert le Groupe Eyssautier, expert en assurances maritime et transports

Verlingue annonce ce jour une nouvelle opération de croissance externe en France avec l’acquisition du Groupe Eyssautier (Paris, Marseille, Londres), spécialiste du risque et des assurances Maritime et Transports avec 9 M€ de chiffre d’affaires et plus de 50 collaborateurs de 10 nationalités.

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Verlingue s’offre Eyssautier

Just a few days after the change in governance at Verlingue, the Quimper broker announced the acquisition of the French group Eyssautier, a specialist in maritime and transport activities.

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